Commander® allows the hygienist to interact with the SmartdB, SmartVib and Net.temp instruments manufactured by CHROMPACK. All this remotely via wireless communication so that the hygienist is not exposed to the physical agents to which the worker being assessed is exposed. Commander allows access to information on the assessments being carried out remotely in real time, as well as the ability to start, pause and end the assessments

- ZIGBEE 2.4Ghz wireless communication;
- 7" LCD display;
- 4000mAh battery;
- 300m range outdoors and 60m indoors (range may vary depending on the environment);
- Allows you to monitor 10 devices simultaneously or up to 100 devices with additional routers;
- Battery charging time approximately 5h;
- Approximate battery life of 6 hours (may vary depending on use);
- Can be used with all Chrompack devices;

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