The Net.temp° project envisages linking WBGT with metabolism in an easy way through wireless technology, available from sensor trees. Working in conjunction with the electronic badges to be given to the assessed workers.


Standards - ISO 7726, ISO 7243, NR-15 and NHO-06
Weight - 1070 g
Height - 45mm
Width - 80mm
Length - 250mm
Power supply - 9V IEC-6LR61 alkaline battery


Without real-time communication - > 36 hours
With real-time communication - > 24 hours
Software - Microsoft Windows compatible
Real-time monitoring of dry bulb, wet bulb, globe, RH% and WBGT temperatures
Globe - Hermetically sealed in matte black color with fixing thread
Material - Copper
Thickness - ≤ 1.0 mm
Emissivity - e≥0.95
Diameter - 15.4 cm (06 inches)
Housing Material - Injection and reaction molding polyurethane resin


Memory - 1Mb EPROM
Histogram interval - 01 minute
Storage capacity - ≥ 8000 records of dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, globe temperature and relative humidity%.
Warranty - 01 year


Temperature Range of Thermometers and Hygrometers
Dry bulb - from 2°C - 120°C
Wet bulb - from 2°C - 120°C
Globe - from 2°C - 120°C
Relative Humidity - 0 - 100% non-condensing
Accuracy - ± 0.3°C for all thermometers
± 3.0% relative humidity  for hygrometer
Temperature Sensor Package - Stainless Steel
Temperature Resolution - 0.1°C
WBGT Calculation Resolution - 0.1
Relative Humidity Resolution - 0.1%
Storage Temperature - Up to 50°C
Working Temperature - Up to 100°C including electronics


Communication range in free field - 300m
Communication frequency - 2.4GHz
Serial communication interface - Mini USB and Zigbee Radio
Wick for natural wet bulb temperature - 100% high absorption cotton
Metabolism - Registration of the metabolism rate of the individual sensor trees

Automatic WBGT calculations - Internal and External WBGT, WBGT and M calculated and allowed according to registered standards and most unfavorable time

Included Accessories - Tripod in matte black, carrying case, kit with 03 wet bulb wicks, bottle with 200 mL of demineralized water, 9V battery, time recording module with 02 bottons, USB module for radio communication interface, mini USB standard cable, calibration certificate and carrying case.

Accessories not included - Tablet Commander®, signal repeater with rechargeable battery and charger with Brazilian standard plug.


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