The SmartTEMP project aims to link WBGT with metabolism in an easy way, through the available wireless technology of sensor trees. With a 2.8" display that facilitates monitoring by the assessor.


Standards - ISO 7726, ISO 7243, NR-15 and NHO-06
Weight - 920 g
Height - 100mm
Width - 54mm
Length - 230mm



Rechargeable Lithium Battery



Without bluetooth and GPS - > 24 hours
With bluetooth and GPS - > 28 hours
Software - Microsoft Windows compatible
Real-time monitoring of dry bulb, wet bulb, globe, RH% and WBGT temperatures
Globe - Hermetically sealed in matte black color with fixing thread
Material - Copper
Thickness - ≤ 1.0 mm
Emissivity - e≥0.95
Diameter - 15.4 cm (06 inches)
Housing Material - RIM polyurethane resin


Memory - FLASH 1Gb
Histogram range - 01 second to 10 minutes
Storage capacity - 60 measurements.


01 year


Temperature Range of Thermometers and Hygrometers
Dry bulb - from 20°C - 120°C
Wet Bulb - from -20°C - 120°C
Globe - from -20°C - 120°C
Relative Humidity - 0 - 100% non-condensing
Accuracy - ± 0.3°C for all thermometers
± 3.0% ur for hygrometer
Temperature Sensor Package - Stainless Steel
Temperature Resolution - 0.1°C
WBGTCalculation Resolution - 0.1
Relative Humidity Resolution - 0.1%
Storage Temperature - Up to 50°C
Working Temperature - Up to 70°C including electronics

Tbn wick - 100% high absorbency cotton

Metabolism - Registration of the metabolism rate of individual sensor trees

Automatic calculations of WBGT - Internal and External WBGT, WBGT and M calculated and allowed according to registered standards and most unfavorable time.

Included Accessories - Matte black tripod, carrying case, kit with 03 wet bulb wicks, bottle with 200mL of bi-distilled water, standard micro USB cable, charger with Brazilian Standard Plug and RBC - Rede Brasileira de Calibração - calibration certificate.
Brazilian Calibration Network


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