Occupational vibration, according to the MTE(Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil) should be divided into Whole Body Vibration and Vibration of Hands and Arms. The Whole Body Vibration is applicable in any work situations where vibration is transmitted to the body of the worker implies the possibility of various problems to your health, among which those related to the spine and VMB those vibrations from powerful tools that imply risk to the health of the worker, among which the occurrence of vibration syndrome in hands and arms.


Standards - ISO8041, ISO2631, ISO5349, NHO-09, NH0-10 and European Directive 44T/2002
Weight - 150 g


Height - 30mm
Width - 54mm (64mm connector area)
Length - 112mm
Power supply - Rechargeable lithium battery


Without real-time communication - ³ 12 hours
With real-time communication - ³ 10 hours without GPS
Software - Compatible with Microsoft Windows
Real-time monitoring of all parameters
Functions - Playu, Pause and Stop¢ on the meter, remotely via CentralCommander® or PC
Parameters - ainst, amr, ap, ap-p, amax, min, HR and VDV. arep, are, aren and VDVj, VDVexandVDVR via software.
Frequency weighting - Wd,Wh,Wk,Wm and Linear
Profiles - Two simultaneous profiles - 01 per channel
Axes - 06 axes on 02 simultaneous channels


Memory - 16GB
Histogram interval - From 5 seconds to 04 minutes
Storage capacity - ≥ 30 dosimetries
Histogram Histogram of all parameters


Measuring range
Meter - Up to 2,000 m/s2 VMB and up to 160 m/s2 for VCI
VDV - Up to 1,000 m/s1.75
Accuracy - ≤3%
Frequency range - 1Hz to 1.4kHz
Resolution for acceleration - 0.01 m/s2
Resolution for VDV - 0.01 m/s1,75
Storage temperature - Up to 50°C
Working temperature - Up to 55°C


Communication protocol - Zigbee certified by Anatel Nº 1123-08-1209
Communication range in free field -300m
Communication frequency - 2.4GHz
Serial communication interface - Mini USB eRadio Zigbee
GPS - Measurements synchronized with latitude and longitude coordinates (open areas)
Case material - RIM polyurethane resin
Accelerometers - Automatic recognition of accelerometers. Sensitivities 57mV/g and 6.5 mV/ m/g

Warranty - 01 year

Accessories included - Carrying case, software, standard mini USB cable, rubber seat for VCI, fixing bracket for VMB and calibration certificate. Accessories not included - Central Commander® for remote controls and monitoring, USB radio communication interface module, Zigbee radio, GPS and activated B channel.

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